The Miracle on the Spider

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Some people may think that the subject of this book is not one that interests them very much. They may tell themselves both that a book about a little insect has nothing in it for them and that the busy pace of their lives leaves them no time for such a book.

Then again, these same people may feel that a book on economic or political research, or perhaps a novel, would be more attractive and “useful.” Of they may think that books on other subjects will be of greater interest to them.

Whereas the fact is that this book the reader is holding will be a great deal more “useful” than may he has hitherto read, and has much more to offer him. Because this book is not a biology text written to give detailed information about this tiny animal called the spider. The book may have the spider as its subject, but its true importance lies in the truth about life it reveals and the message it has to give.

Like a key… A key is a tool, which looks pretty unimportant in it. If you give one to a person who has never seen one before, and who is therefore unaware of the relationship between key and lock, he will consider the thing in his hand meaningless and a useless piece of metal. Whereas sometimes a key, depending upon what lies behind the door that it opens, can be one of the most valuable things in the world.

This book ahs been written, not with the aim of taking the spider as a subject on its own, but to use it as a “key.” As for the reality behind the door, which this key opens, it is the greatest truth anyone can ever discover throughout the course of his life.