The Miracle of Creation in Plants

Islamic Books for Kids


The purpose of this book is to display the miraculous features of plants and hence to make people see "the creation miracle" in things they often encounter in the flow of their daily lives and sidesteps. Reading and understanding this book will be an important step in coming to an understanding of one's Creator.

Let us ask a question about something we all know very well, the "seed." What is the difference between a seed, in its shell as hard as tree bark, and tree bark itself? Questions like this are rarely asked, because tree bark and seeds are insignificant details for people in their busy daily lives. The commonly held view is that there are more important and essential things to worry about in the immediate environment.

This logic is quite widespread among people who only cast a superficial eye over their environment. For these people, knowing enough to meet their needs-regardless of the subject-is quite sufficient.